Administrative and Informational Flags

The alerts below are raised by administrative offices and are used to send a notice to instrurctors, students and/or administrators.  In some instances a reply to the flag raiser is requested

Flag Name: Notification of Absence 

Description: Informational Flag- no response required. Alert Raised by Academic Advising when a student will be absent from class and is unable to communicate on their own behalf. Note - student is included on this message. Notice will be cleared by Academic Advising based on the circumstances and timeframes relevant to that particular notification. 

Email Notice: Notice is sent to Instructor(s), Angela Mareck in Student Employment, Residential Life, and the Student. 

Email Template:   
This message serves as a notification of absence on behalf of [Student Name] who will be absent from class and is unable to communicate on their own behalf. 

Details of Absence: [Comments from Advising at time of notice]  

It is the student's responsibility to follow up with each professor.  The student and professor will communicate in order to determine an appropriate plan of action to make up work missed during the absence.  It should be noted that in some cases work cannot be made up.  These judgments are at the discretion of the faculty member. 

If you have questions, please call the CSB/SJU Office of Academic Advising

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Flag Name:  Notice of Withdrawal or  Notice of Leave of Absence 

Description: Informational Flag. Notfication is sent out when a student has completed the withdrawal or leave of absence process to document and communicate a student’s departure from CSB/SJU .   As this is an Informational flag – Active flags will be cleared every 30 days.  Also any remaining active flags for prior term will be cleared after 10 th day. Note- You can view flags that have been cleared by filtering by resolved status. 

Email Notice of student departure is sent to Academic Advising, Instructor(s), Faculty Advisor(s), if applicable Varsity Coach and other administrative departments where records must be updated upon a students departure. 

Email Template: 

‌Notice of [type of departure either Withdrawal/Leave of Absence] 

[Student Full Name]  [Student Id]  has departed the institution.  Please update your records accordingly. 
[type of departure] 

[Raised Date] 
[Raise Notes] 

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Flag Name: End of Course Grade - [letter grade value]   **Retired - only used in 2020-2021 Block Schedule** 

Description: Instructors complete  in response to the End of Course Progress Survey to communicate the unofficial letter grade to students. Email is sent to student that includes the flag name, which indicates their grade, and includes instructors’ comments. Official grades will still need to be posted to Banner at the end of the term and will then be pulled to the HIVE in the official grade field. Permissions for this flag mirror those found in Banner related to grades.

Flag Values for End of Course Grade Report, a progress survey, will appear as follows on the survey = A, AB, B, BC, C, CD, D, F, I, S, U. The flag value will populate into the message sent to the student and will display on the Course Tab in The HIVE under tracking items. 

Email Notification: Notice is sent to student. 

Message Template: 

Subject: [Flag Name] for [Course Name]

[Student Full Name] [Student Id]

[Course Name] [Course Section Id] [Instructor Name]

[End of Course Grade = ____] [Raise Notes] Default message: Official grades will be posted to Banner at the end of the term. The letter grade reflected here is for your information and reference. [**Instructor is able to add their own additional comments following the default message should they wish to do so.]

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