Filtering Tracking Items in The HIVE

How can one filter their list to see if students have active alerts? 

Start by going to the Menu at the top left of your screen. 

  • Go to Students.
  • Then go to Tracking.
  • Clear all filters to start to clear out any old filters.
  • Change your connection to the students you wish to view.  For example, change connection to “Primary Faculty Advisor” to see your Advisees.  To see students in a class you are teaching change connection to "Instructor" and you will only see students in your classes. 

If there are several items or different flags or other alerts, use additional filters to limit the view to just the flag you want to see.  The filtering tools allow you to limit the list to those with a particular flag/high five and so forth.

Adjust Term

  • Advisees are an ongoing relationship to see advises you must choose Active or Ongoing.  
  • Select a specific Term to see those who are in course you are teaching that term

Then use Additional Filters:

  • Tracking Items:  select the status you wish to review
    • ACTIVE - tracking item is still open and concern has not been addressed
    • RESOLVED – flag has been closed either because the concern has been addressed or is no longer relevant.
  • Select the Tracking Type - you can narrow down to one ore more tracking item type as needed.  If you only want to see Flags check the box for Flags. 
  • Select the Item Name  - select the name of the tracking item you wish to review 
  • You can also filter by "Created by" to get to the flag you have created when you wish to add comments or clear items. 
  • Filter by Assigned to Me if you want to find items that have been assigned to you for follow up and clearing. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will only see filtering options that will produce results. This means that you will only be to see flags to filter by that are assigned to students with the connection you are using.  If none of your connections have an a particular flag, example "Attendance Concern", you will not see that alert as an option to filter by.