Academic Flags

Academic Flags are raised primarily by instructors to communicate concerns related to students academic performance.  Raising an academic flag most often results in a message being sent to the student and members of the students support network.  The flag raisers comments are part of that message and should be composed in a way that relays the instructors concerns to the student and directs them to address the issue, these actions may include (but are not limited to) attending class regularly, setting up a meeting the instructor, turning in missing assignments, or accessing resources like the writing or math centers on campus.   In instances where there are multiple flags for a student demonstrating significant or ongoing concerns members of the student’s support network may be reach out to students to offer support and connect them to resources. The person doing additioanl outreach should add a comment to the flag to let the instructor know this is occurring. The Flag Raiser (instructor) should continue to connect with and follow up with the student regarding their concerns in the context of their academic interactions.

  • Flag raiser should add comments regarding any response from student
  • Flag raiser can use comment feature to send additional messages/continue outreach to student
  • Flag raiser should clear flag if they connect with the student or if improvements are made and the concern is resolved

Alert workflows graphic

To review the workflow, message templates and specifics for a particular academic flag please use one of the links below to open a PDF document specific to each alert.

Attendance Concern

General Academic Concern

In Danger of Failing

Withdrawal from Course Recommended 

Never Attended 

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