Green Room Certification

During Spring 2014, the Saint John's Office of Sustainability decided to help students become more aware of how they can reduce their energy consumption by "Green Room Certifying" students' residences. The purpose of the certification is to provide students with a better understanding of their energy usage and how they can reduce their energy consumption.

What Green Room Certification means for you:
It is a sign of a resident's commitment to sustainability and invitation for discussion with their peers. Students interested in an energy audit of their residence may do so in the Certification Survey. An energy audit can help a student understand how his devices consume energy and how to optimize his room to be more efficient.

What Green Room Certification means for us:
This program allows us to have a connection to students in the residence halls. Green Room Certified residents can opt in to emails from us about sustainability events on campus as well as to provide feedback about sustainability on campus. Students may also express interest in an energy audit of their room, which can help us better understand students' energy use.

To Sign Up:

Fill out the Green Room Certification Survey and sign the Saint John's Energy Conservation Pledge. Upon completing the survey, the Sustainability Office will review your responses and contact you with any concerns. Your room will then receive a sign that you can post on your door to show that you are certified.