CSB/SJU Green Residence Program

Sustainable living is easier when you have the support of your community and you make positive changes together.

Make a commitment to sustainable living together with your roommates, and you can be a part of the CSB/SJU Green Residence Program! All Bennie and Johnnie Students are encouraged to join. 


What is the goal of the Green Residence Program?

Provide a community for Bennies and Johnnies who are interested in incorporating sustainability into their daily lives and encouraging sustainable choices on campus.  

How to join

  • Scan this QR code to fill out the sign-up form!

Why join?

  • Connect with Bennies and Johnnies who are also interested in sustainability
  • Free membership for the Minnesota Street Market
  • Access to a sick Spotify playlist for riding public transportation
  • No hard deadlines or requirements. Participation is incentivized by a point system.
  • Points can be redeemed for awesome prizes!

 <--  Watch Josie's presentation here!

What do we do?

While there are no requirements to be a part of the Green Residence Program, there is no shortage of events and tasks that members can take part in to earn points and encourage sustainability on campus!

  • Open Door Nights
    • Plan and host a casual activity to meet up with other people in the Green Residence Program. This isn’t mandatory or meant to add stress to anyone’s plates, but to simply encourage students interested in sustainability on campus to get to know each other.
  • Sustainability Mixers
    • Every other Saturday at 3 pm, an event in partnership with another sustainability group on campus will be held! These events range from going for a hike in the Arboretum to movie nights, so there are events for everyone!
  • Monthly Door Posters
    • Each month, a poster related to sustainability is posted on the canvas page. Members are encouraged to print the sign out and put it on their doors or post on social media.
  • Discussion Posts
    • Once a month, a discussion thread with a question about personal sustainability is posted on Canvas. These discussion threads are great ways to hold yourself accountable for your sustainability goals and discover new ways to be more sustainable.
  • Online Sustainability Activities
    • There are a variety of online sustainability quizzes and activities linked on the canvas page. These activities are excellent ways to learn more about sustainable practices.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Help with tabling events run by the Sustainability Office, volunteer time with the Community Kitchen, sign up to help at the Full Circle Greenhouse, and more!
  • Get other people to join!
    • Each time you get a friend to join the Green Residence Program, you earn points!


What are the prizes?

  • Reusable mug from the Local Blend
  • T-shirts
  • Buttons
  • Patches
  • Local sustainable goods