OZZI Reusable Containers


WHAT is an OZZI Container?

It's a big, beautiful green container with a clamshell lid. Gorgeous. BPA-free (no bad chemicals that actually show up in food products alarmingly often). Holds food. Your food. They'll put food in it for you, or you can microwave ramen in it (yeah, it's microwave-safe too. What a win.)

WHY should I get an OZZI Container?

Logistically: They won't get crushed in your bag, spilling your pasta salad all over. You also get a convenient, strong box for holding things.

Environmentally: You won't have to end every meal by throwing away a flimsy, number 6 or 7 clear plastic container that will NEVER EVER DECOMPOSE. Instead, you get one big plastic container which you can reuse ENDLESSLY!

WHO can get an OZZI Container?

You can! Bennies can get a FREE token in their school mailbox by filling out a request form HERE! But it's easier to just go to McGlynn's and ask the cashier very politely for a token. Bennies get theirs for FREE. But our grant is only for CSB (which is also why we haven't expanded to Sexton yet.) Johnnies, it'll cost you 5$, and you can use flex! That's 5$ flex for a reusable container you can use during your WHOLE CAREER, which is pretty darn impressive. Faculty and staff who eat regularly at McGlynn's can also get a token for 5$!

If you lose your token, you can flex another one for 5$. Bennies only get one free token in their time at CSB. No refunds.

WHERE and HOW can I use my OZZI Container?

Currently, OZZI containers are only available at McGlynn's! We're working on expanding the program, but we need YOUR support and patronage to do it!

Company Process

1. Take your OZZI token to the Grill line and ask the server to put your food in an OZZI container, or choose a green OZZI container from the Grab-and-Go Fridge.

2. Give the cashier your OZZI token when you scan your ID.

3. Eat your delicious food!

4. Make sure the container is empty (no need to scrub, but maybe rinse it out) and return it to the bin by the cashier in McGlynns (ask the cashier if you can't find it!)

5. Make sure the cashier saw you do Step 4, and they'll give you a shiny new OZZI TOKEN! Repeat.

WHERE do I get an OZZI Container?

Bennies getting their first token can fill out the form HERE! Everyone else -- Ask the cashier at McGlynns next time you're over there.

WHERE do I put my dirty OZZI Container?

There's a little bin directly to the left of the cashier, outside of the Information Desk in Mary commons and outside of Good 2 Go! They look kind of like trash cans but they're not - so please be sure to rinse your container before returning and to grab your token from the respctive desk/cashier. 

HOW did we get this opportunity?

We applied for a Pepsico grant last year to try out reusable containers, which are one of the most wasteful parts of the McGlynns operation. They gave us enough money to buy a token for every Bennie, plus a little extra for Johnnies, advertising, etc.

WHEN does this incredible offer end?

NEVER! We get to keep all of the OZZI containers forever and ever, so go on and invest 5$ in a container. You can pass it on to your heirs. This program will only grow-- we're hoping to expand next year to include the Grill, Burrito Bar and Grab-n-Go at Sexton!

For more information, go to www.planetozzi.com/

Any other questions or concerns? Shoot us a comment or question at https://www.csbsju.edu/forms/8IXVLBFMLA and we'll get you a good answer!