Sustainable Facilities

Vision: CSB will operate energy efficient facilities, providing healthy indoor air quality for faculty, students, and staff. 


  1. Use of lifecycle analysis to guide new building construction and renovations.
  2. Repurpose/ reuse building wherever possible. 
  3. Reduce our dependence of fossil fuels by developing a renewable energy policy and installing some type of renewable energy system in all newly constructed buildings beginning in 2014. 
  4. Maximize energy conservation through incentives and technology.

CSB's first LEED Platinum building, Centennial Commons

The Facilities Department strive to implement sustainability into all aspects of campus operations including energy conservation and energy efficiency. Their design and construction strategies focus on ensuring buildings last a minimum of 100 years, maximizing energy efficiency, promoting net zero energy consumption where possible, and utilizing renewable materials with the lowest impact and life cycle cost practicable.

Through simple tasks like replacing old light bulbs with LED light bulbs or more advanced tasks like the replacement of the ventilation system in Clemens Library, the Facilities department is saving the College an estimated $300,000 every year.

If you have  suggestions  regarding how we can continue to work towards achieving our goal of carbon neutrality by 2035, e-mail the CSB Office of Sustainability at [email protected]

Most Notable Building projects

CSB North Entrance

Centennial Commons