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The Office of Sustainability is located in Main 016.

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Aimee South Africa Aimee Bannwarth is a senior student from Souix Falls, South Dakota. She is majoring in Environmental Studies, and is currently serving as the Sustainable Living Assistant in the Office of Sustainability. In her free time she loves to hang out with her neices and nephew. While studying abroad in South Africa last spring, she ate a termite ON PURPOSE. She will never do it again.
Kyle Munshower Kyle Munshower is a junior student from Minneapolis.  This is his third year in the Office of Sustainability, where he will serve as the Zero Waste Coordinator. Kyle is passionate about climate policy and sustainable economics, and he hopes to spread awareness about similar topics on campus. Kyle is also highly involved in the theatre community and is a member of the Attention-Starved Children improv group. He loves brewing his own kombucha, baking in his hometown and drinking coffee.
Augie Witkowski Augie Witkowski is a sophomore student from Plain City, Utah. She is majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Environmental Studies. In her free time she loves to run, ski, play soccer, read and hammock. This is her first year in the Office of Sustainability, and she is serving as the Sustainability Program Assistant. Her favorite place in the world is Yellowstone National Park (or anywhere in the mountains) in the late fall. She learned to ski and read when she was only two-years-old.
Laura Ghost Ranch Laura Lanigan is a junior from Eagan, Minnesota. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. This is her first year in the Office of Sustainability serving as the Communications and Marketing Assistant. Her favorite place in the world is either in Lake of the Woods or at the dock by the Stella Maris Chapel on Lake Sag. She loves to do yoga, run, read, canoe and anything that has to do with Oprah Winfrey!


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Brandon Dorsey

Brandon Dorsey: Sustainability Student Project Manager

Brandon is a Senior majoring in Business Management. Brandon joined the team after his experiences studying in China gave him the desire to advocate for a more sustainable SJU community. Since joining the Office of Sustainability, Brandon has worked to bring about numerous campus projects, including SJU's Energy Corps initiative and marketing campaign. On campus, Brandon is also a Resident Assistant and Student Ambassador.

Alexander Celeste

Alexander Celeste: Sustainability Student Web Presence Manager

Alex is a senior majoring in Peace Studies with his focus on the intersections between modern (social) technology and nonviolence. Alex joined the SJU Office of Sustainability at Jacob’s request to be the primary manager of the website presence of the office, but he is also sharing any expertise and ideas he has with the entire staff as applicable. Alex has a wide background in web and iOS/Mac programming which he brings to the task of web presence manager as well as a keen interest in helping to keep CSB/SJU sustainable and in educating the student body on the projects that the SJU Office of Sustainability is already doing.

Jacob Saffert

Jacob Saffert: Sustainability Student Project Manager

Jacob is a senior political science major with a minor in environmental studies. Last summer, he interned with the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, an environmental nonprofit in St. Paul. He worked for the transport and land use department researching how public health in the Twin Cities is impacted by transportation. Jacob’s research focused specifically on how increasing bicycle commuter rates in Minneapolis would lead to less obesity and lower rates of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. because of increased physical activity in people's everyday lives.

Stephen Katz

Stephen Katz: Sustainability Student Project Manager

Stephen Katz is a senior physics major, with minors in math and political science.  During the academic year, he works at the Outdoor Leadership Center and Alcuin Library.  His interests include cycling, climbing, sailing, hiking, and gardening. He is particularly interested in studying the sustainable cultivation and production of food. After graduating from Saint John's, Stephen plans to complete a masters program in mechanical engineering, and to explore the field of sustainable technology.

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Current Staff

Nick Moe

Nick Moe Sustainability Fellow

Nick graduated in 2007 with majors in physics and music. After earning an MS in electrical engineering at Stanford University, he returned to Collegeville to study liturgical music and pipe organ performance at the School of Theology. He began working with the Sustainability Office in August 2010. When he isn't cooking, baking, backpacking, or practicing organ, he works principally on energy efficiency and conservation measures with Physical Plant at Saint John's.

Zach Shriwise Sustainability Intern

Zach is currently a Senior Minoring in Environmental Studies and Majoring in Global Business Leadership. The Saint John's Sustainability Office was a great fit for Zach to learn more about his passions in energy efficiency and sustainable business management. Outside of his internship, he enjoys the outdoors, King of the Dock on Lake Sag, spending time with his fellow Bennies and Johnnies and just letting the good times roll. Zach is also a part of SIFE, the Saint John's Tennis Team and is an orientation leader for incoming CSB/SJU students.

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