Room Selection Housing & Registration Policy

Please read this entire message for information on requirements for eligibility to participate in campus housing at CSB/SJU.

Effective in the 2014 Room Selection Process, returning students will now be required to be registered for Fall courses in order to participate in the on-campus room selection process. All students who wish to select on-campus housing must be registered at least 24 hours in advance of the date on which the Room Selection Process they will participate in takes place.

Should you have any questions or concerns and we encourage you to reach out to the appropriate office for assistance including:

  • Academic Advising (320) 363-5687 (CSB) or (320) 363-2248 (SJU)
  • Financial Aid (320) 363-5388 (CSB) or (320) 363-3664 (SJU)
  • Student Accounts (320) 363-5387 (CSB) or (320) 363-2193 (SJU)
  • Health Services-CSB (320) 363-5605 (CSB)
  • Residential Life (320) 363-5580 (CSB) or (320) 363-3512 (SJU)
  • Dean of Students (320) 363-5601 (CSB) or (320) 363-3512 (SJU)

To be eligible for room selection students must:

  1. Complete Fall Housing Intent Form by posted deadlines each year
  2. Must register for Fall classes at least 24 hours prior to the selection process you are participating in.

Please visit either the CSB Room Selection site or SJU Room Selection site for specific dates and details of each school's process.

Please be sure to read all emails from the Department of Residential Life to get all details, dates, timelines and applications related to the Room Selection Process so you are able to participate in all processes for the coming year.