Online Learning Information for Students

Students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and have active accommodation letters in ClockWork are still eligible for accommodations while our campus moves to online, off campus learning.  However, accommodations will likely look different in the online environment.   Some students may need additional accommodations while others will need less, depending on the course structure instructors have chosen.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact SAS to inform us if they need assistance with their accommodations as there is no way for us to know the structure and design for all classes now that they are online.  Now more than ever, students are required to be a active participants in the accommodation process. 

Student Accessibility Services is recommending that students registered with our office contact their instructors and remind them they are eligible for academic accommodations.  Instructors have a lot on their plates, as we all do, and they may not remember every student who has approved accommodations and what they are during this transition.

Below are some commonly used accommodations and how they might be adapted while being conducted online:

Testing—students who have approved testing accommodations should still receive them while classes are online.  However, again, they might look different with different testing structures.  If your exams are proctored on Canvas, instructors can easily adjust the amount of time allowed.  Students can decide where to take exams and we suggest removing all distractions as much as possible before beginning a quiz or exam.  If a student has used a reader or scribe in the past and need assistance with this, please contact our office to discuss the options available.  One option that we have found is NV Access.  NV Access is a screen reader, is quite easy to use and can be utilized while on a lockdown browser.  Please contact our office if you plan to use this or need any other assistance with using the reader/scribe accommodation on your exams.  Kurzweil can also be used to read exams if the format is a PDF or Word document.

Peer note taking—the peer notetaker process should work relatively the same.  Students who have a peer notetaker as an accommodation should be sure to select a peer note taker in ClockWork and check frequently for updated notes to be posted.  If you are having trouble obtaining notes via a peer notetaker in ClockWork, please let our office know as soon as possible so we can assist. 

Kurzweil—PDF and Word documents can easily be saved to the desktop and “pulled into” Kurzweil to be read.  Note that messy scans, meaning those that have highlighting, writing in the margins, are crooked or might be coffee stained do not read well in Kurzweil like your typical textbooks might.  Students might need to contact their instructors to ask for a “clean” copy so that it can upload to Kurzweil.

Captioning—Students who have been approved for captioning services and are of need of captioning for their course/s, should contact our office as soon as possible so we can coordinate with instructors to determine what course content requires captioning services.