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In Class Note Takers

Many students registered with Student Accessibility Services are eligible to receive note taking support.  This is often times in the form of utilizing an in class volunteer note taker. A student can request a note taker several different ways:

  • If the student feels comfortable, she/he can ask a friend or acquantence in the same class to share notes. If it would be helpful, you are both welcome to stop by the Academic Advising/Student Accessibility Services office to copy handwritten notes. 
  • The student can request a note taker through Student Accessibility Services by submiting an In Class Note Taker Request Form.
    • After we receive a request form, we will send a email to the entire class list as well as the class instructor requesting a volunteer note taker.  The student requesting a note taker will not be mentioned and will receive the email like all the other students in the class.  This is so the request for note taker process is as confidential as possible.
    • After a student volunteers to become a note taker, they will be provided a code which will help our office match the submitted notes with the student requesting them.  Instructions for how to submit notes will also be provided.
    • Notes can be submitted electronically by email or photo copies can be made of handwritten notes.
    • As notes are submitted, they will be sent from the Student Accessibility Services via email to the student requesting the notes.
  • Students are encouraged to contact Student Accessibility Services if there are any questions or concerns with the note taking process.