Scheduling an Exam

Exam accommodations are the most common accommodations for which students are eligible. This most often includes extended time on exams and the opportunity to take the exams in a distraction-reduced environment. These accommodations can serve to minimize the impact of disabilities by providing students the opportunity to fully demonstrate their knowledge.

Notifying instructors regarding your exam accommodations at the beginning of each semester is important. This will help prevent your instructor from being caught off-guard prior to administering an exam.

If you are eligible to receive extended time and/or exams in a distraction reduced environment, you have two options to consider:

1. Take the exam in the Student Accessibility Services Test Center (SASTC) at the College of Saint Benedict

To help facilitate exam accommodations, exams are proctored at the Student Accessibility Services Test Center at the College of Saint Benedict. While students are not required to choose this option, we find that it is often the most convenient location for all parties involved (student, instructor, Student Accessibility Services).

2. Determine the location by collaborating with your instructor

You may prefer to take an exam in close proximity to your classroom. If that is the case, you are responsible for creating an arrangement with the instructor. Remember that, prior to each exam, you should notify the instructor of your intent to utilize exam accommodations. Do not assume that the instructor will remember your preferences for subsequent exams - they work with a lot of students.

Advance Notification

It is your responsibility to inform both our office and the professor that you will be utilizing exam accommodations at least three full business days prior to the date of the exam. We require sufficient time to identify a testing location and acquire the exam from the instructor. If we are not provided with reasonable notice, we cannot guarantee that the accommodation will be provided. If a student acquires three late requests (requests made within three business days of the exam), the student will forfeit their opportunity to take tests in the testing center for that year.

Exam Request Form

We have established an online process to help simplify the communication required to use exam accommodations. If you plan on utilizing accommodations, simply complete and submit the Exam Request Form.