Syllabus Statement

Student Accessibility Services recommends that all University instructors use a statement in their course syllabi to inform students of the instructor’s willingness to provide reasonable accommodations. We offer the following example of a syllabus statement for faculty who would like to include this information in their course syllabi

Syllabus Statement – Students with Disabilities  

Your experience in this course is important to me. I am dedicated to removing barriers and creating a more accessible classroom environment. 

If you registered with Student Accessibility Services and have been determined eligible to receive academic accommodations, I encourage you 1) email me a copy of your accommodation letter and 2) schedule a time for us to meet, in person, to discuss your needs in this course. Be advised that while I am committed to honoring approved accommodations, students are responsible for requesting them in a timely manner.

Any student who feels they may need an accommodation based on a documented medical condition, mental health condition or learning disability (or suspects they may have one), is encouraged to contact our Student Accessibility Services (320-363-5160 or [email protected]). Student Accessibility Services is located in room 105 of the Henrita Academic Building at CSB.  You are welcome to contact me if you have additional questions regarding Student Accessibility Services and classroom accommodations.