Student Accessibility Services Test Center Information

The most common accommodation approved by Student Accessibility Services are extended time on tests/quizzes and/or in a distraction-reduced environment.

General Information about the Student Accessibility Services Test Center
  • Student Accessibility Services Test Center (SASTC) will only be used to proctor exams for students with documented disabilities and who are eligible to receive exam accommodations.
  • A driving force for the existence of our test center has been to reduce the burden for faculty, by providing an appropriate location for students to utilize their exam accommodations.
  • Faculty can require students to take their exams outside of the Student Accessibility Services Test Center, so long as the student is given appropriate access to each approved accommodation. Testing in a location other than the SASTC can be a better option, as it provides the student and faculty the opportunity to communicate with each other during the exam.

Read the complete Policy for Exam Accommodations.

Students have two options for utilizing exam accommodations: 

  • Collaborate with their instructor to take the exam in close proximity to the classroom.
  • Register to take the exam in the Student Accessibility Services Test Center (SASTC).  The Test Center is located in room 105 of the Henrita Academic Building at the College of Saint Benedict. 

**Students are required to provide advance notice of at least four business days for each exam they are requesting to take in the Student Accessibility Services Test Center.  Students submit their Test Center exam requests but completing and submitting an Exam Request Form. Students will also be required to review and sign the SASTC Test Proctor Agreement during their first visit to the SASTC each acadmic year.  This agreement will be provided to them upon their arrival.