Information about Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services' new office location is room 105 of the Henrita Academic Building at the College of St. Benedict.  Typically our office hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.  Please feel free to contact Student Accessibility Services (320-363-5245 or [email protected]) with any questions/concerns you may have or if you would like additional information about disabilities and/or accommodations that we provide.

The students we serve...

The student population we serve is very diverse.  Students registered with Student Accessibility Services may have a learning disability, mobility impairment, chronic illness, mental disorder, or another type of disability that affects the student's academic work and success.  Each student's disability impacts their learning and academic experience differently.  This is why students are required to meet individually with the Disability Specialist prior to registering with Student Accessibility Services so appropriate accommodations can be identifed and provided most effectively.

As a faculty member, it is unlikely you will be aware of the details regarding a student's disability.  This information is kept confidential and on an as-needed basis.  Your student may choose to meet with you and share information about his/her disability but our office does not provide this information unless absolutely necessary.  At the start of each semester, accommodation letters are sent to students with disabilities.  The letters will be sent through email and will indicate the student's name and the type of accommodation(s) the student is eligible for.  The accommodations listed on the accommodation letter are available to the student, however, it is the student's decision as to whether or not to utilize what he/she is eligible for.  If a student would like to utilize his/her accommodations, they are instructed to then forward on their accommodation letter to faculty. An example of the student's choice in this matter: student may be eligible to take her exam in the Student Accessibility Services test center with extended time but she may choose to take her exam in class with her classmates instead.  Your assistance and collaboration with our office to aid in making accommodations available to students as well as your attention to student confidentiality is greatly appreciated.