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Emily Ann Berg Paup

  • Education Ph.D., University of Minnesota M.A., University of Minnesota B.A., Communication with a Minor in History, Boston College
  • Experience Courses: COMM 102 Public Speaking and the Public Sphere (HE, HM, J1) COMM 110 #herstory (CI, GE, IC) COMM 220 Debate (T1, BN) COMM 225 Argumentation and Advocacy (HE, HM, T1) COMM 305 Gender, Voice, and Power (GE, HM, CS) COMM 278A Rhetoric, Culture, and Criticism (HM, HE, MF) COMM 331 Rhetoric and Citizenship (Capstone) COMM 379A Freedom of Speech (ES) COMM 384C Women, Rhetoric, and Politics Dr. Emily Berg Paup began teaching at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in 2012. Her teaching and research focus on areas such as rhetoric and public address, political communication, gender and communication, citizenship, and communication law. Her current research examines women's rhetorical practices within political parties during the late 19th century. She is also interested in the issues surrounding women running for political office, political and social advocacy, and First Amendment law.