2001 Dignitas Humana Award

Fr. Gregory Boyle, SJ, Receives 2001 Dignitas Humana Award


The Rev. Gregory J. Boyle, SJ is a Jesuit priest who is Founder and Director of Jobs For A Future / Homeboy Industries, and employment referral center and economic development program for at-risk and gang-involved youth, located in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles. Previously, Father Boyle was Pastor of Dolores Mission Church from 1986-1992. Dolores Mission is the poorest church in the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese. The parish is comprised of the largest public housing developments west of the Mississippi (Pico Gardens and Aliso Village). These housing projects have the highest concentration of gang activity in the entire city.

Father Boyle has worked tirelessly to provide love and support for kids whose homes are so emotionally impoverished or destructive that they join gangs in search of a surrogate family. He believes that community involvement is essential to bring about change and he emphasizes the importance of not giving up hope.

Father Boyle is well known for his work with Latino gangs in Los Angeles. He founded “Jobs for a Future” and “Homeboy Industries” as creative, practical opportunities for those caught in gang culture to break out of their world of violence. Boyle has his finger on the pulse of contemporary youth and the challenges we face as a culture.

Father Boyle’s message challenges “adults to invest their time into kids. Just say yes to kids. Adults need to empower kids who have no hope.”