At YTM, every youth automatically receives a scholarship to defray the cost of attending our two-week Summer Institute. Below, check out the breakdown of our scholarships by the numbers:
  • $1,100: The scholarship provided each youth who attends YTM to defray the cost of attending the two week YTM summer institute (actual per pupil cost is $1,900). Scholarships are provided by grants from the Lilly Endowment and donations from the YTM vocation partners and other donors.
  • $800: The registration fee for the two-week YTM Summer Institute.
  • Most YTM youth ask for and receive full or partial funding of the registration fee from their parish. Youth and parents should talk to their pastors about possible funding or fundraising opportunities.
  • A limited amount of additional scholarship money is available to youth who come from low income households and do not have parishes willing to support funding for this experience.
  • To apply for an additional YTM scholarship email the director, Donelle Poling ([email protected]). In the email, please provide the following information:
    • Student Name
    • Explanation of Need
    • How much was your parish willing to fund?
      • How many other organizations like the Knights of Columbus did you request funds from?
      • What was their response?
    • How much scholarship funds are you requesting?