and the systematic import of the doctrine of the Trinity. Faith and revelation examined
of concentration (e.g., scripture, systematics, church history, etc.). The research paper
the biblical foundations, historical development, systematic theology, and canonical
, concentrating in Systematics. What are your particular interests within your field?  I
and what is your field of study? ​My field of study is systematics, and I work
with a Master of Arts in theology specializing in systematics. In 2016, I finally finished
interests and what is your field of study? I studied systematic theology
enjoyed my systematic theology classes, studying anthropology and pastoral care
2020 Spring Graduates for the Church and World Graduates for the Church and World Meet five graduates ready for a lifetime of work and prayer: CALEB KORMANN Master of Theological Studies, Systematic Theology What
studying Systematic Theology with aspirations of pursuing my Ph.D. It was clear