theological areas of concentration (e.g., scripture, systematics, church history
, systematic theology, and canonical structures of lay and ordained ministry
in Systematics. What are your particular interests within your field?  I am interested
field of study? ​My field of study is systematics, and I work specifically
in theology specializing in systematics. In 2016, I finally finished my Master
studied systematic theology, in particular Trinitarian theology and Christology. I
systematic theology classes, studying anthropology and pastoral care. The masters
2020 Spring Graduates for the Church and World Meet five graduates ready for a lifetime of work and prayer: CALEB KORMANN Master of Theological Studies, Systematic Theology What are your post-graduation plans? I'll
in August of 2017 as a first-year graduate student studying Systematic Theology
completed her master’s degree in systematic theology. Many of Sobieck’s teachers