.   INNOCENT IHEJIRIKA Master of Theological Studies, emphasis Systematics ... in Systematics, hoping to graduate in the Spring of 2021. Before coming to the United
, worship, and personnel. Systematically and comprehensively reviewing
Liturgy Systematics History of Christian thought Monastic studies/spirituality
, monastic spirituality, and liturgy. Students study systematic, historical, moral
focus areas: Liturgy, Systematic Theology, Church History, Scripture, Spirituality
of Theological Studies degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Systematic Theology from
systematics faculty for the past three decades where his course in Christology has won
. Maria Siebels Convivium Reflection Siebels, MTS - Systematics candidate and SJU
of concentration (e.g., scripture, systematics, church history, etc.). The research paper must
and the systematic import of the doctrine of the Trinity. Faith and revelation examined