to establish a new program, “Conversatio: Creating a Culture of Encounter.” Saint John ... , “Conversatio: Creating a Culture of Encounter.” Lilly Endowment is making ... American Catholic College (MACC) in implementing Conversatio: Creating a Culture
Ministry Roundtable Conversatio Quarterly Ministry Roundtables The Conversatio quarterly ministry roundtable provides a structure and context for pastoral ministers to explore their experience of ministerial leadership.  The outcome
and Dinner supports the work of Conversatio , a commitment of Saint John's School ... Dinner in Celebration of Victor J. Klimoski dedicated service to the Conversatio
Conversatio Endowment. Individuals who need assistance with the fee
To whom do they belong? To whom do they belong? To Whom Do They Belong?  Victor Klimoski The following opinion piece appeared in the last issue of Conversatio Magazine.  We are interested in the perspectives of readers on whether Dr
) Facilitator:   Vic Klimoski, Ph.D., Program Director Conversatio Lifelong -reflection-on-pastoral-practice
Listening Session Conversatio Listening Session
, OSB Lifelong Learning /images/Banners/sjuaerial-banner.jpg Conversatio Lifelong

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