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The Monastic Institute's Benedictine Studies Program

Event Description

Each course will invite a variety of people—monastics, graduate students, laity—to engage in further conversations and education about monastic spirituality and life. The week will include many opportunities for prayer, socializing, and reflection, with the option of each participant receiving one credit in Monastics Studies and Spirituality at the School of Theology and Seminary.

Summer 2019

The Age of the Cloister: Western Monasticism c. 1050-1350
Colman O'Clabaigh, OSB  | MONS 468  / SPIR 468 | 1 credit
  • Class meeting time 8:15-11:30 AM (M-T-TH-F; W is a study/rest day)
  • June 17-21, 2019

The remarkable developments in male and female Christian Monastic communities that occurred in Western Europe between the mid-eleventh and the fourteenth centuries.

Before Benedict:  Roots and Shoots
Columba Stewart,  OSB | MONS 468  / SPIR 468 | 1 credit
  • Class meeting time 8:00-11:10 AM (T-W-TH-F)
  • June 25-28, 2019

The surprising origins and early development of Christian asceticism and monasticism in their formative cultural contexts.

Summer 2020

Humility in Monastic Life: A Witness for All Ages.
Michael Casey, OSCO; Sr. Manuela Scheiba, OSB; Luke Dysinger, OSB


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