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Thanks for making 2015 a great success! Audio recordings are now available below for your personal use.

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Monastic Profession:
Baptism, Kenosis, and Growing Into Christ

This year's Monastic Institute is focused on the meaning of monastic profession in our time. Monastic profession will be situated it in its historical origins and then be developed through the lens of our baptism into the pascal mystery of Christ. Obedience, conversatio, and stability will be explored in turn, using language of kenosis given in Philippians 2.

Because we live in a post-Auschwitz, post-Watergate, and consumerist and individualist society, each of these elements have to be understood in a fresh and provocative manner. We will strive to engage participants, professed religious and oblates in a variety of ways, for the sake of active processing and learning.

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Monastic Institute 2016 Presentations:

July 3 (Sunday):
Where We Have Been -- Where We Are Going: Today's Context for Monastic Profession 

July 4 (Monday):
Baptism and the Paschal Mystery as Lived Out in Monastic Profession: Part I
Baptism and the Paschal Mystery as Lived Out in Monastic Profession: Part II  

Monastic Profession: A Call to Conversatio in the Rule of Benedict  

July 5 (Tuesday):
The Spiritual Significance of Dynamic Stability  
Entering into Kenosis: Monastic Obedience  

July 6 (Wednesday):
Entering into Kenosis: Relational Fidelity in Monastic Life  

Entering into Kenosis: Monastic Simplicity  

July 7 (Thursday):
Monastic Profession as a Way to Fullness in Christ  




2016 Speakers:


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$50 nonrefundable. The remainder is fully refundable up to two weeks in advance of the Institute. Less than two weeks in advance of the Institute, 50 percent is refundable.