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Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord: Words and Images of Lay Ecclesial Ministers

Exhibit Dates

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The Exhibit:

For more than 10 years Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary has worked with local and national partners to advance the national conversation on the authorization of lay ecclesial ministry through national symposiums, local conversations, and publications. The fruit of our work can be found HERE. Recently we were awarded a collaborative grant by the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Network to continue leveraging our efforts.  Presently we are seeking key collaborators.

This past year we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the USCCB publication, Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord through several events. Our new grant provides some resources to share the fruit of our work with a larger audience. In particular we are looking for partners across the United States to host a traveling exhibit called Word and Image that resulted from this past year's work with lay ecclesial ministers. In August 2015, Victor Klimoski and Barbara Sutton gathered 13 ecclesial ministers: 12 lay and 1 ordained to reflect on their lived experience of ministry using a visio divina process. Through a process of collage and poetry writing, participants narrated their experience of ministry

Word and Image is ready to be displayed at retreat centers, diocesan conferences and national events. We are seeking collaborators to (1) host the exhibit (up to a month), (2) arrange for an opening reception, and (3) convene a day of reflection in cooperation with a facilitator from the School of Theology. This would involve providing housing and meals for the person directing the day of reflection, providing space and preparation for the exhibit and reflection, and sharing some of the marketing responsibilities.

Together we can draw people into the lives and ministry of lay ecclesial ministers and help more people think collectively about the greater good of the Church and her mission. Word and Image is an innovative and sensory-rich way to advance this conversation.

The Word and Image exhibit includes 15 framed collages for display, along with a booklet of accompanying poems. Partners may host the exhibit for a weekend or up to a month. We will provide 1) on-line marketing materials for you to invite your local contingency, 2) up to $250 for an opening reception arranged by the hosting organization, and 3) a facilitated day of reflection (9 am to 3 pm) designed to help those in ministry discuss the project and explore their experience of ecclesial ministry. It is our hope that this process will bring the voices and experiences of lay ecclesial ministers into the dialogue about how the universal church will face and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Attend the "Words and Images" Exhibit: Where We Will Be:

October 15- November, 2016: Presentation Prayer Center, Fargo, ND
-Day of Reflection: October 15, 2016 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
To register and for more information call Sr. Shawna at (701) 237-4857
Presentation Prayer Center: 1101 32nd Ave S Fargo, ND 58103

March 23 - April 8, 2017: St. Meinrad, St. Meinrad, IN
-Day of Reflection: March 24, 2017

Past Locations:

March 1-27, 2016: Saint John's Abbey, Collegeville, MN
- Located in the Abbey Chapter House Pavilion (East side of the Abbey Church, down the staircase by the Chapter House entrance)
- Exhibition Opening: March 3, 2016

March 31 - June 2, 2016: St. Paul's Monastery, St. Paul, MN
- Exhibition Opening: March 31, 2016
- Day of Reflection: April 8, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm at the Benedictine Center of St. Paul Monastery (cost: $25)

June 9 - August 15, 2016: Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary, Collegeville, MN
- Exhibition Reception: June 22, 7:00 - 9:00 pm (Emmaus Hall, South Lounge)

September 1-30, 2016: St. Norbert's Center for Spirituality, De Pere, WI
- Day of Reflection: September 8, 2016 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

What has been you experience as a lay ecclesial minister? Come and illuminate your journey through words and images! 

A Day of Reflection:

Co-Workers in the Vineyard: Words and Images of Lay Ecclesial Ministers 
After viewing the work in the exhibit, others within the community can also capture their journey in words and images.  This day offered by Dr. Barbara Sutton will provide insight into how those living the vocation of a lay ecclesial minister interpret their experience, especially in light of the 10th anniversary of the publication of the document Co-Workers in the Vineyard.    The Words and Images exhibit will provide a starting point for reflection and engagement of lay ecclesial ministers through engaging the imagination by an artistic process of collaging and writing.  Participants will practice exploring their experience of ministry through the creative use of words and images.


Interested in hosting the Word and Image Exhibit?

Are you interested in hosting the Word and Image Exhibit? You can contact us with any questions you have, here is some of the basic information to get you started.

An Example: Click here to enlarge an example of one of the collages with the accompanying poem.

What you provide is:
- Space to showcase the artwork (from 1-4 weeks)
- Preparation of the exhibit (preparing the space, hanging the artwork)
- Space for a day of reflection retreat
- Housing for retreat director (up to 3 nights)
- Marketing for exhibit, exhibit opening reception, and the day of reflection

What we provide is:
- The "Word and Image" exhibit: artwork, display tags for each piece, a booklet guide of the exhibit
- The delivery and pick up of the exhibit
- A budget for a reception for the opening of the exhibit (up to $250)
- Marketing resources to send out to those who you want to invite to the exhibit reception and the day of reflection
- A facilitated day of reflection retreat by Barbara Sutton, including all collage materials

Reservations or Questions, Contact:

Barbara Sutton, Project Director
Director of Field Education and Ministerial Formation
[email protected]

For Exhibit Hosts:

Marketing Resources:
Retreat Flyer Template- Microsoft Publisher version (Recommended)
Retreat Flyer- Microsoft Word version
Exhibition Opening Flyer/Invitation 
Letter of invitation to local ministers - Microsoft Word version

Please feel free to adapt any of these resources to meet your needs, we only ask that you keep the Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary logo present on your materials.