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Vatican IIThe Future of Vatican II Liturgical Renewal

By Rita Ferrone
The past fifty years since the promulgation of Sacrosanctum Concilium have been a tumultuous time in the world of liturgy-one which has included excitement, change, and hope, as well as disappointment, resistance, and critique. Not without cost, the liturgical renewal has also shared in a fundamental and irrevocable way the Council's desire for deeper engagement with Sacred Scripture, ecumenism, evangelization, dialogue with other religions, and solidarity with all people. What is the state of Vatican II-inspired liturgical renewal today? What healthy developments might we look forward to in the future? What are the "idols" we must do battle with, in order to worship the one true God? What are the wellsprings of hope that give us courage for the journey?

Pope FrancisThe Vision of Pope Francis for the Church

Due to technical difficulties, the video of this keynote is not available. Please see a summary report of the keynote address by the St. Cloud Visitor or click the title of the keynote to read an abbreviated transcript of the talk on the PrayTell Blog.

By Rita Ferrone
If liturgy is the summit and source of Christian life, it can never "float free" or become detached from the Church's inner vitality or outward mission. As Pope Francis has increasingly shared his vision of an outward-directed, risk-taking Church, animated by inward depths of mercy and compassion, what are the implications for liturgy? How might the sacraments and our celebration of them break out of the prison of "irrelevance" and sacristy politics, to express the life-giving Spirit of Jesus in our world? How can our own ministries embody the vision of Pope Francis?

Singing with joyDoes Sacred Music Dare Be Joyful? – Lessons Learned from Millenials

By Steven Warner
Pope Francis has captured the imagination and kindled the hope of many, including the "millenial generation." Given that music is one of our most powerful tools for spreading the gospel, what exactly does the "joy of evangelization" sound like?

OrganMusical Issues in Contemporary Worship: Striking a Balance Between Tradition and Current Styles.

By Chris de Silva
As liturgical music ministers, we are called to be stewards of welcome, providing a community of belonging for all. Can hymns, praise and worship songs, anthems, Latin chants and folk music from the global church coexist in our contemporary celebrations? This keynote demonstrates ways of bringing together the church's rich musical heritage and tradition with contemporary styles and idioms to create an intergenerational form of worship for our communities.

Whither (or wither?) the Hymnal?

By Alan Hommerding
The role, content, and format of the congregational hymnal is in a state of transition today that has had no parallel for more than 500 years. In addition to examining and reflecting upon the hymnal as a resource for congregational participation in worship, this keynote will also consider aspects of the hymnal as a cultural/technological artifact.

CommunityTimeless Hospitality. Integrating an ever-changing and multicultural community.

By Johan van Parys
The days of mono-cultural communities are waning in favor of complex multicultural communities. This new reality provides us with great opportunities as well as with certain challenges. This keynote offers practical ways to help everyone feel welcome so our church can be a place for spiritual nourishment and support for all.

Pentecost at the Basilica of St MaryCreating a Place for Worship. Art and Environment for our Times.

By Johan Van Parys
Though we are all one, Christians from different cultures have their own artistic traditions and expectations. When we come together in one and the same church a great tapestry of possibilities avails itself to us. Learn how to create a unified environment that embraces and engages every member of the community.