Fr. Efrain called to Bridge the Cultural Gaps

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January 9, 2020

Fr. Efrain, born in Merida and raised in Mexico City, realized ethnic groups in the U.S. were losing interest and leaving area parishes.


Knowing the church should be growing, not shrinking, he found kindred spirits at Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary and programs already dedicated to this problem: how to form lay and ordained ministers to address demographic changes.


The Benedictine tradition and values on display at Saint John’s allow Fr. Efrain to pierce through the complications helping students and area parishes understand the multicultural complexities of our society as well as the intricacy of ministering in our diverse contemporary communities. 


Fr. Efrain is strengthening faith communities by training parishes and ministers to bridge the cultural gaps between its members.


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If you wish to learn more details about Fr. Efrain's 
journey, please follow this link to his full story.