Director of Certificate in Spiritual Direction retiring

In the Fall of 2012, Rebecca Van Ness served as a consultant to the SOT/Sem faculty and administration on the development of a certificate program in spiritual direction.  This program was approved by the SOT/Sem faculty in March of 2013 and has grown under Becky’s leadership since that time.  She has served with distinction as Director of the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program from 2013 to 2021.  Becky came to the SOT/Sem with high recommendations from the Benedictine sisters from St. Benedict’s Monastery for her work in their program in spiritual direction.  As Becky guided students in discerning their call to be spiritual directors, her skill as a teacher and administrator became readily apparent.  Becky not only promoted the spiritual growth of her students but also shaped the distinctive Benedictine character of the SOT/Sem program in spiritual direction.  Becky’s commitment to the SOT/Sem and our students will continue to bear fruit for years to come.  We wish her abundant blessings in her retirement.