Evaluation of the Saint John's Bible Curriculum


6. Please check which Scripture reading you are evaluating
7. What size is your parish?
8. For what purpose did you use this illumination/visio divina process?

10. How many people participated in this session?

12. Was this level of attendance...
13. What was the length of the process?

15. Was the visio divina session...

20. Evaluate the four page reflective guide in terms of the aesthetic presentation.
21. Rate the four page reflective guide in terms of usefullness for inspiring an understanding of the Sacred Scripture and faith sharing
The materials are written at a level appropriate for:
22. a. A baptized adult
23. b. An adolescent
24. c. A catechist/religion teacher
25. d. Someone being introduced to reflection on Scripture for the first time

27. In general, how did the participants engage in the visio divina process?
28. In general, what was their comfort level in interpreting the illuminations?
29. In general, did you find people receptive to this process?
30. Was the website easy to use?

32. Which aspects of the website did you find helpful?