Lent Student Reflections

Join us in weekly prayer and reflection during lent!


Ash Wednesday | Praying in Secret
  • Rosy Kandathil is completing her Masters of Theology with a concentration in scripture (May 2017), and her certificate in spiritual direction. She is a sister in first monastic profession with the ecumenical community of the Benedictine Women of Madison at Holy Wisdom Monastery, Madison, WI. 

First Sunday | The Deep Summit of the Cross
  • Joseph Franklin Arrendale is aspiring to be a professor of theology and is working towards obtaining his 
    Masters of Theology (May 2017).

Second Sunday | The Promise Born in Wilderness
  • Chris Morgan is graduating this May with the Master of Divinity degree. He plans to move home to Colorado, become a board certified chaplain at a hospital, and follow a growing call to proclaim God's promises in the literal and spiritual wilderness.

Third Sunday | To Be Named and Known
  • Cody Maynus OblSB is graduating this May with an M.A. in Theology (concentrating in Monastic Studies and Liturgy.) He is discerning priesthood in the Episcopal Church and hopes one day to be a fraction as faithful and tenacious as the Sisters and nuns in his life.

Fourth Sunday | Open Your Eyes!
  • JP Fitzgibbons is graduating this May with an M.A. in Theology (concentrating in Systematics). He hopes to explore ways to share this new knowledge and bring new light to others who need it.

Fifth Sunday | What is the meaning of life: Wait that has to do with my vocation?
  • Alyssa Maty is in the Masters of Arts in Ministry program and an aspiring Director of Adult Hispanic Ministry. She's currently in her ninth year of studying the Spanish language and hopes to find a full-time job in this field next spring (May 2018). 

Palm Sunday | From Jerusalem to New Jerusalem
  • Janice Kristanti is in the Masters of Divinity program (Fall 2019) and hopes to integrate her love and passion for Catholic intellectual tradition with intercultural ministry by becoming a hospital chaplain. Shes aspires to be a Minister of listening and speaking for those who are without voice.

Easter Sunday | The Steadfast Companion
  • Kelsi Watters is a Master of Divinity candidate (2019). She hopes to bring healing to others through her call to hospital chaplaincy and harp music, and to accompany others on their journey so they they may come to recognize the hidden graces in their suffering.