The Common Thread of Holy Saturday: How a Trauma Lens Can Unite and Strengthen our Catholic Church

Amie Schumacher

Amie Schumacher

Many people spend Holy Saturday (trauma's aftermath), by getting ready for Easter Sunday (triumphal new life), which reflects our overall unease with trauma (Good Friday).  Trauma and its aftermath are viewed as something to "get over" as soon as possible, otherwise we risk shame and stigma.  We forget: the resurrected Christ still carried his wounds.  This presentation will explore the aftermath of trauma, and how use of a trauma lens can serve as a powerful witness.  We will discuss pastoral responses that help or hurt and will close with a look at what a trauma-responsive Catholic Church might look like.

Amie Schumacher serves as a NACC Board-Certified Chaplain at St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Little Falls, MN.  Since 2012 she has provided education for diverse audiences regarding childhood trauma, theology, and pastoral care.  Amie was awarded a 2019 Bush Foundation Fellowship and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree through Boston University.  She is a graduate of St. John’s University SOT (M.Div., 2015), and holds a M.S. degree in Counseling from the University of Dayton, OH.  Prior to Chaplaincy, Amie worked as a Psychometric Evaluator at the Benton Neuropsychology Laboratory at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, IA.

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