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Baptism: Into the Life of God

Saint Augustine said that the waters of baptism “touch the body and cleanse the heart.” Come join us as we reflect on how our embodied experience of baptism has initiated us into the shared love of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our daily experiences of joy and of tragedy call us back to the water and more deeply into the life of the Trinity. Gain insight into how our experience of life together -- from first to last breath -- is a revelation of God’s presence among us. If you wish, you may bring a baptismal photo or memento (yours or someone else’s) to assist our reflection.

Kimberly Hope Belcher, Ph. D.
Kimberly Belcher, Ph. D.

Kimberly Hope Belcher is an assistant professor at Saint John’s School of Theology·Seminary and the Department of Theology of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. 

She received her doctorate in Liturgical Studies from the University of Notre Dame in 2009 and currently studies sacramental theology, ritual studies, and trinitarian theology. Her book, Efficacious Engagement: Sacramental Participation in the Trinitarian Mystery, will be published by Liturgical Press in August, 2011.




Theology Day is a chance for people in our communities who are seeking a deeper understanding of their faith and its place in their everyday lives to learn from and interact with the theologians of Saint John's School of Theology·Seminary. It offers a chance for these scholars to gain insights and grow in their faith, as well.

There is no fee for Theology Day, but registration is required.  Free-will offerings and gifts to support the mission of the School of Theology·Seminary are gratefully accepted.

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