Is ISIS Islamic?

Noreen Herzfeld, Ph.D.

Emmaus Hall, Saint John's University - Collegeville, MN

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ISIS proclaims itself as an Islamic state, one that is renewing the caliphate of old and following Islamic doctrine and practices. But is it? We will examine the basics of the Muslim faith and what the Qur'an says about topics such as warfare, women, slavery and dealings with non-Muslims so you can make up your mind for yourself.

Dr. Noreen Herzfeld is the Nicholas and Bernice Reuter Professor of Science and Religion at Saint John's University and College of St. Benedict. She holds degrees in both Computer Science and Theology and teaches in both fields. Herzfeld is the author of In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Spirit (2002), Technology and Religion: Remaining Human in a Co-Created World (2009) and The Limits of Perfection in Technology, Religion, and Science (2010) as well as numerous articles on topics ranging from the prospects of AI to reconciliation between Muslims and Christians in Bosnia.