Faith and Politics, Politics and Religion: Where do they Intersect?

Bernie Evans, Ph. D.
Webinar Presentation, Saint John’s University - Collegeville, MN


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Politics – especially political elections – offer an opportunity to change our world, to look beyond personal interests and seek the welfare of all. So how do we talk about the common good in a society divided by extreme partisan politics? And, how are we guided in this task by our faith, by our religion?

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Dr. Bernie Evans is Professor Emeritus from Saint John’s University. Before retiring from CSB-SJU he taught courses in Christian social ethics, environmental theology, and rural social ministries. He also served as Associate Dean for Faculty in the School of Theology. Evans’ publications include  Lazarus at the Table: Catholics and Social Justice  (2006),  Vote Catholic? Beyond the Political Din  (2007), and  Stewardship: Living a Biblical Call  (2014), all published by the Liturgical Press. His new book on liturgy and Catholic social teaching will be published later this year by Liturgy Training Publications.