Kelley Deshler

What did you get your undergraduate degree in?

I completed my BA in Theology and Family Studies at the University of St. Thomas.

What is your current field of study? 

I will be graduating Spring 2022 with my Masters in Divinity

What are your particular interests within your field? 

I have a deep love for pastoral theology and relational ministry. In addition, I have a strong interest in the field of Disability Theology

Why did you choose to come to the SOT? 

I originally came to the SOT seeking professional development as a youth minister, and planned to get my Masters in the Arts of Ministry. However, I fell in love with theological learning, the classroom environment, and the beauty of this campus and knew I needed to dive deeper into my studies at the SOT.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Lake Sagatagan. Water has always been a sacred place for me, and I love that I get to walk out the doors of Emmaus and am greeted by Lake Sag every day! Who else gets to say that they have lake front property while studying full time? We are truly blessed at the SOT!

What is your favorite Benedictine Value that you see lived out at the SOT?

I see radical hospitality being lived out everyday at the SOT. From the conversations in the stairwells, to shared meals and prayers, to people I can always lean on, this sense of lived, authentic community and hospitality is central to who we are at the School of Theology

What advice would you give students considering enrolling at the SOT? 

The SOT is truly a special place. Both academic rigor and the importance of wholistic formation are embraced. Here, you get to take classes with and interact with people from all across the globe, living out all types of vocations. We are not only taught by some of the best theologians in the field, but the professional relationships I have developed during my time here are priceless. 

What are your goals after graduation? 

My time at the SOT has helped form and shape me into the minister I am today. I know that wherever I land next, I will bring theological reflection and a lived sense of discernment with me. Working with young people and their families is where my call currently remains. I look forward to the future and to see how the Spirit guides me in this particular chapter of life.