Certificate in Liturgical Art and Architecture

Begins summer 2023

This certificate program promotes the design for beautiful places of worship. The courses are aimed towards those hoping to extend their theological knowledge and ministry. This course is rite-based and faithful to the Second Vatican Council.

Architectural and pastoral experience are needed with the building and renovating process from start to finish to integrate art and beauty while remaining attentive to limited resources for churches. In all aspects, this course is supportive of the highest standards in workmanship and artistry.

This program is for those seeking more in depth understanding of the principles of liturgy and promote the practical application in the design and function of places of worship.


The first summer entails 5 credits on campus; a three credit course in Sacred Architecture and two credits in Liturgical Consultancy which will be continued the following summer. The academic year entails two full courses (3 credits), one in the fall, one in the spring both of which are online, as well as 2 credits of the Liturgical Space Analysis Project. The following Summer is on campus with five credits: 3 credits in Sacred Art, and 2 credits in Liturgical Consultancy.

Benedictine Tradition

Theological study has long been valued in the Benedictine tradition as a central element of the search for God. At Saint John's, the monastic rhythm of prayer and work keeps academic study grounded in the common life of faith.