Ministerial Residency Program: Supervisors

Being a Supervisor

Site supervisors are individuals at our partnering organizations who spend time mentoring and guiding the ministerial residents through their residency positions. Here at Saint John's, we will offer formation for the students, as well as retreat opportunities and resources for our supervisors. 

Supervisors and the Saint John's School of Theology work in a partnership to ensure the best experience for student interns. This partnership involves responsibilities for both your organization and for Saint John's:

Saint John's Provides

Your Organization Provides

  • Formation and theological reflection for students
  • Observation of students mid-semester
  • Supervisor retreat, training, and support
  • Intellectual, spiritual, pastoral, and human formation
  • Nurturing environment for student ministers to learn
  • Supervisor for student ministers
  • Stipend for student ministers  
  • 12-20 hours a week of meaningful ministerial experience

Program Features

The programs are 12-20 hours per week. They can be short term semester programs where students develop ministerial programs important to churches or other religious organizations or longer term programs ranging from 1-3 years in which students participate as part-time lay ecclesial ministers for their partnering organizations. Short term program examples include planning and leading a confirmation retreat, developing a shared ministry program, and acting as an RCIA catechist. Longer term programs include working as a music, youth, or liturgy minister, a religious educator coordinator, or an intern in social service. Supervisors provide support and feedback to the students as the students progress in their work.  Saint John's provides retreats and support for supervisors in order to help them prepare for receiving students.

Setting Up a Positon

Supervisors create positions for students that are posted on the Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary website. Contact the Director of Field Education and Ministerial Formation, Dr. Barbara Sutton ([email protected]) for more information.