Degree Outcomes: MA Liturgical Music

  1. Students will demonstrate basic knowledge in liturgy and theology.
    1. Students will demonstrate theological understanding of the principal rites of the Church, including initiation, eucharist, and rites of healing and vocation.
    2. Students will demonstrate theological and liturgical understanding of the role of music in worship.
  2. Students will demonstrate musical excellence in a major area, and competence in other musical skills necessary for music ministry.
    1. Students will complete juries and perform a full recital/ project demonstrating performance excellence in their major area (organ, voice, or composition).
    2. Students will complete juries and demonstrate basic performance competence in their secondary area (keyboard or voice).
    3. Students will demonstrate basic competence at playing keyboard and cantoring in the liturgy.
    4. Students will demonstrate competence in choral conducting.

3.  Students will develop an understanding of liturgical music ministry which integrates intellectual, spiritual, pastoral, and human formation.

    1. Students will demonstrate the ability to reflect on and grow in their competence in the four formation areas.
    2. Students will articulate their understanding of liturgical music ministry and their integration of the four formation areas.