Systematics: Moral Theology (MORL) Courses

Systematics: Moral Theology

MORL 421 Fundamental Moral Theology (3)
This course covers the foundations of the Christian moral life and of Christian moral decision making. The fundamental themes to be covered include, but are not limited to: freedom; conscience formation and moral agency; moral normativity; what constitutes moral reasoning; the use of scripture, tradition, and natural law in moral decisions; the interplay between sin and grace; virtue ethics; and the ecclesial aspect of moral decisions.

MORL 422 Christian Social Ethics (3)
Students explore the implications of Christian faith and theological reflection for contemporary society, including the social dimensions of biblical ethics and the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

MORL 428 Survey of Moral Topics (3)
This course examines how the application of fundamental moral themes informs particular issues of Christian morality. Particular issues fall under the broad categories of life and death, sexuality, biomedical ethics, ethics of pastoral ministry, and the intersection of church and state.

MORL 456 Rural Social Issues (3)
This course is an examination of major social issues affecting rural America, the social justice dimensions of these issues, and their implications for ministry in the Church. Cross-listed with PTHM 456.

MORL 468 Topics in Moral Theology (1-3)

MORL 470 Independent Study (1-3)