Systematics: Doctrinal Theology (DOCT) Courses

DOCT 406 Christology (3)
Students explore understandings of the person, presence and mission of Christ in scripture, in doctrine and dogma, and in contemporary theology.

DOCT 407 Trinity, Faith and Revelation (3)
This course is an investigation of the historical development and the systematic import of the doctrine of the Trinity. Faith and revelation examined from the viewpoint of the Christian confession of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

DOCT 408 Ecclesiology (3)
Students examine the nature and structure of the Roman Catholic Church, including its apostolic origins, the Church as commu¬nion and sacrament, magisterium and authority, local and universal Church, evangelization, ministry, and mission.

DOCT 411 Christian Anthropology (3)
This course is an investigation of the Christian doctrine of the human person: creation and fall, sin and grace, justification and sanctification, eschatological fulfillment.

DOCT 413 Theology of Lay and Ordained Ministry (3)
Students study the biblical foundations, historical development, systematic theology, and canonical structures of lay and ordained ministry in the Church. Cross-listed with PTHM 413.

DOCT 414 Eschatology (3)
Students explore the eschatological dimensions of the Christian experience.

DOCT 419 Mariology (3)
This course examines scriptural, Christological and ecclesiological bases of the Church's view of Mary. Students study the development of Marian devotions and their place in the history of spirituality and in contemporary spiritual life.

DOCT 424 Theology of Sacraments and Worship (3)
This course examines the roots of Christian worship in human myth, symbol, ritual, and celebration. Students will study the his¬torical development of sacramental life in the Church and theological reflection upon it. Contemporary approaches to a theology of sacrament, especially in relation to Christology and ecclesiology, will be included. Cross-listed with LTGY 424.

DOCT 468 Topics in Doctrinal Theology (1-3)

DOCT 470 Independent Study (1-3)