Aerial View of SJU Campus

Come visit our beautiful campus of architecturally significant buildings and 2,400 acres of lakes, forest, and prairie.

Train or Public Transportation

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From the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport
From St. Cloud

Division Street is the primary thoroughfare in St. Cloud. Most restaurants and hotels are on or near Division Street. For lodging and area information, see our visitor’s guide.

Visitor’s Guide

From the North (via Hwy 371 and Hwy 10)

From Hwy 10, take the Hwy 15 exit into St. Cloud.

Visitor Parking

Parking is available to the left and right of the square in front of the Abbey Church. The Saint John’s Information Desk is located inside of The Great Hall in the big red brick building to the right of the Abbey Church as you’re facing it.

Address for GPS Navigation

2966 St. John’s Road, Collegeville MN, 56321