Mid-Day Prayer and Convivium Lunch Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary a chance for people in our communities who are seeking a deeper understanding of their faith and its
Time, and For Community” and “Late Adulthood: Seeking Vocation Once Again” in Calling All Years Good cahalan 2018.pdf
Graduation Liturgy Reflection by Jessica Bazan '17 Seek the Lord. We’re also invited to seek the Lord, to call the Lord. We can seek God in many places. Especially here, at the altar
School of Theology and Seminary student Alex Blechle asked to speak at regional theological conference and the Society of Biblical Literature seeks to understand and reflect upon major theological
Sister Mary Jo Sobieck, a 2007 graduate of Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary, became an of her students, Sobieck emphasized her drive to seek out new opportunities and help others. Sister
Professor Kristin Colberg notes, ecumenism is as much about understanding one's own faith as it is to the story of the paralytic man who sought Christ’s healing presence (cf. Mark 2:1-12, Luke 5:17
Take the virtual tour of this year's Word and Image Exhibit! Saint John's School of Theology and set out to create individual collages that sought to capture how the Word gave them fresh insight
Dr. Kathy Cox reflects on her time at the SOT and shares her plans for the future. and in some instances women who are seeking ordination in other Christian denominations. It has just
Hall this September, with the aspirations of seeking truth and pursuing wisdom, together in the south, North Carolina! Full time master's degree seeking student in the School of Theology I plan on
Saint John's Theology Student, Kelsi Watters, reflects on her time in the Holy Land Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary In reverence, we partake of the Precious Body and the Precious Blood