Give sot[email protected] Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary / "Convivium" --to be alive at the Convivium is a weekly SOT community tradition, where we gather for prayer and lunch. Meals are
Dr. Kathy Cox reflects on her time at the SOT and shares her plans for the future. Give Cox served as a professor for the SOT for 11 years, beginning as an assistant professor in 2007 and
Give NCYC Day 2016 Results Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary / Each merit-based scholarship is $500 and will be given to one female and one male chorister. To apply for this merit-based
and coming to the end of my time at the SOT.  I was anticipating life as a missioner for the Diocese of St. Cloud.   I culled through my SOT Toolbox, and used all the resources at my disposal
Give Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary / The Dignitas Humana Award annually recognizes and encourages the efforts of individuals who do exceptional work on behalf of the poor and
Join members of the SOT/Sem at Common Roots Cafe for good food and good conversation. Stop in to Give Sister Karol Professes Her Final Vows SOT/Sem Receives Calvin Worship Grant
Introducing, our newest faculty members, Father Nickolas Give SOT/Sem Receives Calvin Worship Grant Saint John's is his home, and sharing in the work of the SOT is sharing in the mission of the Abbey.
Give Director of Youth in Theology and Ministry Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary / Jeff has been involved in youth ministry since 1978 when he was hired for his first parish youth
SOT alum takes a group undergraduate students on an ancient pilgrimage Give The Best Class She Ever Took of Santiago de Compostela. This past summer recent SOT graduate Chris Morgan led a group of nine
Give monks for prayer during my first year at the SOT. I’ve come to cherish the quiet time the liturgy to chat after prayer as well as other SOT students when we walked to church together from Emmaus