2014 Chorister Comments

"I absolutely love working with Dr. Theimer - he is a phenomenal man."

"I love that NCYC provides me with the opportunity to work under a world-renowned conductor, Dr. Axel Theimer, as well as provides me the opportunity to make lifelong friendships with peopel who share two important things with me; a love of music and Catholicism."

"NCYC is just an amazing experience that deepened my faith while granting me the chance to explore music."

"I absolutely loved meeting all these amazing people from around the country and making beautiful music with them under the direction of Dr. Theimer."

"I love NCYC because its a chance to make music with old and new friends."

"It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Being with people that all share the love of music and going on tour with people I've never met before.  It was so amazing!"

"I met the greatest people who have similar interests and caring personalities."

"Dr. Theimer is incredible and makes the music experience like no other program in the world."

"I became more confident with my singing and sight reading."

"The faith-based environment is a great way to learn more and share comradery with your peers who feel the same."