2012 Parent Comments

What a wonderful experience! My daughter cannot stop talking about her new friends and the overall experience. She is already making plans for next year!

I wholeheartedly recommend NCYC. It has given my daughter more confidence in herself and her singing abilities.

So very happy with everything about it. Extremely high quality experience with top notch professionals in every aspect. The counselors (camp staff) were notably knowledgeable, experienced, mature and friendly.

We are thrilled with the impact this has had on our son. He had the time of his life. We spoke with him on the second day of camp and he said, "I love it here." We didn't call again until the fifth day and the first thing he said was, "Can I come back next year?" ...He has been home nearly a month and the enthusiasm has not worn off. I am very impressed with the impact is has had on his attitude and his spiritual growth.

Our daughter's second, and final year, proved to be another amazing experience. The friends she made will be life-long. The opportunity to sing with others her age who are just as dedicated to music and their faith is priceless! We will all cherish these memories and are thankful for the amazing program!

(name omitted) . . . has had an absolutely wonderful experience in these last 3 years with the NCYC program! She particularly enjoyed this last year. She's grown musically and spiritually while exploring new and continuing friendships with participants and camp leaders! I bet there's not a day that doesn't go by that she doesn't think back and smile! Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for these wonderful young musicians.

Our daughter loved her experience at NCYC! Everyone was very friendly and my husband and I were particularly appreciative of  the daily photos. Even when she was too busy to send us a text or two, we could log in and see pictures of her and know she was surrounded by new friends, having a great time, and learning so much. We would highly recommend NCYC to all Catholic high school students . We think our daughter not only gained valuable vocal and social experiences but also grew in her faith. We were so happy that we didn't have to worry about whether or not she would get to attend Mass. There were so many beautiful spiritual opportunities for all the students. Thank you so much for this wonderful camp! We look forward to supporting NCYC for many years.