2015 Chorister Comments

Every year I come and I learn more about not just singing but the human voice and how it works.


NCYC made me feel that I was not only becoming a better singer, but a better catholic. 


I gained a aspect of worship music. The variety of music we sang here helped me learn to like new styles of music that I didn't really care for before but now I really love.

I also gain new vocal confidence. Dr. Theimer's style of letting the air flow and letting it all go and just relaxing helped me to not a stress out so much to not get everything perfect. He taught me to just sing, and not worry, and that it's okay to mess up because we are just musicians who are still learning. He opened a whole new world to me through his style and I really love it. 

My voice and depth of knowledge about music grew during this time. 


I thought I knew a lot about singing until I came here. Dr. Theimer gave us a whole new perspective of the voice and how to use it.


I learned much more about sustaining my singing and about how to effectively take care of my voice.


I think I became stronger in my singing and was able to push myself more than I ever did because it was a lot more work in choir than what I was used to. 


All of the different ways to worship that were offered helped me to learn about how I pray individually. It was so great experiencing things that aren't necessarily offered in my daily life at home.


This camp introduced to new ways on how pray. Both the Taize and Benediction and Adoration were totally new experiences for me. Both of these services helped me find new ways to pray and feel closer to God and tis camp helped me start to pray more regularly again. It helped remind me why I chose to become Catholic in the first place. I also enjoyed our Religion/History class we did with Fr. Anthony. It was really cool to hear everyone's religious opinions and helped me question some of my personal beliefs. This camp really did change me spiritually.

NCYC made me think about my actions and words, and that I have to think about how others feel and not just me. 


It has helped me to bring up my self-confidence, and to make friends from everywhere. It has shown me how totally different people can come together and be their own kind of family.


Having morning prayer and close interactions with monks who are actually living out their faith really helped me to grow spiritually.