Redeeming Administration

Redeeming Administration 

 August 8, 2014, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Collegeville, MN
Facilitated by Ann Garrido

August 8th event with 4 follow-up sessions - $140 (includes book, hospitality, and lunch). August 8th event only - $55 

Administration roles are vital to ministerial success in schools, parishes, religious communities, and other institutions. Yet the administrators themselves can find their own spiritual lives dry and fruitless, consumed by the daily tasks of their work and endless demands of their time and attention.


"Redeeming Administration" offers administrators a chance to step back and reevaluate their work as holistically integrated with their spiritual life. Based on her book of the same name, Ann Garrido will facilitate the August 8th event and present the spiritual habits that form the foundation of understanding one's administrative work as vital to ministry. Four group follow-up sessions solidify the practice into the daily life of the administrator. One group will meet in Collegeville and another at the Benedictine Center in St. Paul.  


Ann Garrido is associate professor of homiletics at Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri, where she served as a regular faculty member and program administrator from 2000-2013. She now continues teaching with the institute from a distance while also working as a consultant in the areas of conflict mediation, administration, and leadership development. She is the author of several books: Mustard Seed Preaching (LTP, 2004), A Concise Guide to Supervising a Ministry Student (Ave Maria, 2008), Redeeming Administration (Ave Maria, 2013), Preaching to the Choir (New Priory, 2014), as well as numerous journal and magazine articles.

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