Learning Communities

Ministry Learning Communities


The ministry learning community is a small group of ministers who commit themselves to design and implement a mutually interesting learning plan.  This might include the study of a theological topic, exploration of ways to deepen pastoral skillfulness, efforts to re-imagine approaches to living a balanced life, and other topics important for members' professional and personal quality of life. 

School of Theology·Seminary staff and faculty serve as resource persons and/or facilitators.

Ministry Colloquia

A ministry colloquium brings together four teams from parishes in the region for a yearlong consultation process on issues important to the teams.  The colloquium meets three times in Collegeville with a School of Theology·Seminary facilitator and explores each other's issues and possible creative responses to them.  The process builds a new sense of awareness of the common challenges parish ministers face, but more importantly participants learn how valuable their insight and experience are to others.

For more information about these programs, contact Cindy Maile at 877-556-9518 or [email protected].