About Conversatio

As a center of theological learning and ministerial formation, Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary believes it shares in the responsibility to respond to the changing needs of Christian life by serving as a resource for clergy and lay ecclesial ministers. Taking time for reflection and study is an essential element for re-invigorating passion for ministry and pastoral leadership itself.

This challenge of renewal draws support and encouragement as pastoral leaders gather for prayer, reflection, and collegial conversation.  Conversatio seeks to create networks of support, even friendships, among peers in ministry and help clergy and other ministers become resources to one another as they continue to grow as disciples and as leaders of faith communities.

It is in this spirit that we offer our Conversatio retreats and programming. Taking time for reflection is an essential element for re-invigorating passion for ministry and for helping create healthy, vital parish communities.

For more information about the Conversatio program, email [email protected] or call 320-363-3052.


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