YTM Theology Classes - Summer 2

YTM Summer Institute 2015
Theology Class Choices
(Summer 2 Youth Only)

Listed below are the YTM theology courses which will be held Monday through Friday mornings from 9:30-11:30am. You will be attending one of these courses for two weeks. Please rank the courses for your preferred choice. We will be dividing the group up so each class has about 9-10 students. We will make every effort to arrange that each person receives their top choice, but we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.
Please rank your class preference: 1 = First choice, 2 = Second choice. (See course information below.)

Theology and Science: Why Believers Need Both

There is a lot of confusion about the relationship between science and religious faith. Far too often believers see them as being in conflict or they imagine that faith has to persevere *in spite of* science. This course will examine science and religion as being two necessary lenses for viewing reality, examining the depths of faith and coming to know the face of God.

Vincent Smiles is a Theology Professor for the Department of Theology at College of Saint Benedict’s and Saint John’s University. He received his PhD from Fordham University.

The Christian Vision of Humanity

The Christian faith focuses intensively on the nature, meaning, and purpose of being human. But where have some of the ideas, beliefs, and teachings about this come from? And how have they developed over the history of the faith? This course will investigate such matters, starting with the historical context of Jesus and the earliest thinkers and writers of the Church. We will consider how Greek philosophy, Roman society, Apocalyptic Judaism, and the destruction of the Jewish temple were defining influences for the church, both in emerging practices and beliefs. We will also consider how different periods in Western history provided and continue to provide opportunities for the Church to engage in and grow with the needs of the human person.

David Fremo has taught Theology at Saint John’s Preparatory School since 2001, specializing in the Early Church, Scripture, and Social Justice. He has also worked in faith formation and liturgy programs both at Saint John’s Prep and the College of St. Benedict. David is a 2013 graduate of St. John’s School of Theology with a Master of Arts in Scripture.