Service Sites for Summer 1 Youth - YTM Summer Institute

YTM Summer Institute 2015
Service Site Choices
(Summer 1 Youth Only)

Here you will find a brief description of each site and the experiences. Please look them over and rank them in order of your preference. While these sites have been arranged, the nature of people and experiences at the site will remain for God to reveal to us. In each of the experiences, you will be reminded to seek God in those who you meet.

Please rank your site preference 1-3 (1 being your first choice)
Casa Guadalupe Day Camp (located in the town's edge trailer park at 4509 State Hwy 23 in Cold Spring)
You will be working with children/youth (of which a large population is Hispanic) in the park within the trailer Park that they live. Due to the location of the park and limited resources these children/youth have little to occupy their summer days and are very excited for the annual return of YTM. You will be working on a site which is a park and coordinate afternoons filled with activities for the children/youth.
Mother of Mercy Campus of Care (located at 230 Church Avenue in Albany)
This is an assisted living housing facility. Residents are elderly and look forward to visiting with you, playing board games, cards and BINGO. You will have opportunities to listen to their stories and perhaps take a leisurely walk in this area that is along the Lake Wobegon trail.
Southside Boys and Girls Club (located at 1205 6th Avenue S in St. Cloud)
The Club serves youth preschool through high school weekdays. The Club provides activities, field trips, tutoring, mentoring, and life skills for children/youth. You will be in direct contact with the children/youth in activities and events that the Club has planned as well as have the opportunity to plan activities, art and crafts, and physical activities for the children/youth.